Continuing Education & 研讨会

Augustana University offers a variety of continuing education options that allows students to grow both professionally and personally. Online learning opportunities offer the best self-paced, text-based online courses. Several different flexible 为mats allow students to take a course when and where they want. These course credits will be part of a student's Augustana transcript.

Online Learning Partners 为 Teachers and Other PK-12 Professionals

Teaching Channel

With more than 300 versatile, self-paced online courses, Teaching Channel courses are designed  老师, by teachers and will help you increase student learning in your classroom.

CE Credits Online

CE Credits Online creates timely, relevant and research-based courses that have an immediate impact in the classroom. All courses are asynchronous, work-at-your-own-pace and have multiple assessments, opportunities to interact with other participants and one-on-one feedback from moderators with Masters or better degrees in education. 

Oregon Education Association

Our goal is to provide high-quality, 一致的, and accessible member-led professional learning to help educators improve their professional practice, support student success and excellence, and build community with other educators across Oregon. 

Be a Great Teacher

Courses from Be a Great Teacher help educators, administrators and coaches at all levels through week-long classes (in six states) and their video and independent study courses.

Reclaiming Youth at Risk

The mission of Reclaiming Youth at Risk is to provide research, 培训, and consultation to build strengths in children, 家庭, 学校, 和社区. Drawing from these little-understood resources, current research, and the voices of positive educational pioneers, we provide a holistic approach to reclaiming youth at risk.学校, 和社区.

South Dakota Education Association

Augustana University is now the exclusive crediting institution 为 Micro-Credential graduate credit in partnership with the SDEA in South Dakota. 


These interactive, online continuing education courses provide expert instruction 为 teachers at a pace that fits your schedule. VESi courses are now tablet compatible making it easy 为 you to re-certify anytime, anywhere with reliable, stable online access. The email that contains your course link(s) will advise if your course(s) is tablet compatible.